Welcome to the Future of the Workplace

Drive collaboration in the new world of work, with an end-to-end platform
for optimizing workplace experience and hybrid occupancy.

Yesterday's workplace was relatively static

Workplace management has fundamentally changed.

Attendance used to be predictable and space changes were infrequent. Workplace experience was just a perk.

But not anymore.


Today's workplace is dynamic and complex

Hybrid work presents a host of new challenges. Flexible neighborhoods, constant space design changes, fluctuating attendance and the need for predictive analytics.

What's more, the modern workforce demands an excellent workplace experience, as standard.

Workplace Leaders Need to Adapt

Donut Chart - Presentation-1

say that workplace experience is their #1 priority

Donut Chart - Presentation (1)-1

say they are planning a major redesign of their spaces

Donut Chart - Presentation (2)-1

 say they lack data to inform critical real estate decisions

HubStar H2O Enables a New Approach:

Dynamic Workplace Management 

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The HubStar Workplace Execution Flywheel™


Connect and collaborate

Adopt a people-centric workplace strategy. Increase social connection & collaboration and earn the commute.

  • Provide employee decision support on the best days of the week to be in the office​
  • Encourage social connection and build a culture of community by advertising key events and activities​
  • Provide a vehicle to maximize productivity, creativity and mentorship

Analyze and predict hybrid occupancy

Solve the data versus perception riddle. Make smarter office design and real estate decisions with AI-powered workplace intelligence.

  • No more data headaches - unify utilization data from occupancy sensors, scheduling, WiFi and badge swipes into a single source of truth
  • Inform and guide your decisions with descriptive, predictive, prescriptive analytics
  • Centrally manage your hybrid space data - no more silos and manual updates

Adapt your hybrid work strategy on the fly

Manage and adapt to the constant change of hybrid work and adopt an agile, experimental approach to change.

  • Take rapid action with alerts that notify you if something unexpected happens, plus machine-learning-powered suggestions
  • Reduce time spent on floor plan maintenance by 80%
  • Create and optimize a hybrid occupancy plan that improves experience while reducing cost and carbon emissions

Optimize Your Hybrid Workplace 

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Drive collaboration in the new world of work, with an end-to-end platform for optimizing workplace experience and hybrid occupancy.